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» ANL Heads Back To Europe!!

ANL confirms its participation on the CMA CGM NEMO Service which commenced loading in Europe this week...Read More

» Delta Airlines

Pership Air was recently appointed as GSA yet to another International Airlines and adding to their portfolio of Airlines they represent in Sri Lanka & Bangladesh...Read More

» 'Pership takes part in CASA Cricket'

Pership took part in the CASA (Ceylon Association of Ships Agents) Cricket' on 24th and 25th February 2007 at the NCC Grounds.

» Pership Voice !!

Dilamani De Mel does Sri Lanka and Pership proud. She is Executive Secretary of Pership Group....Read More

» Yang Ming's debut to serve ISC on their direct service to East Coast of USA

Yang Ming partners Sina (Singapore India North America) service to meet the growing demand for freight in India Sub Continent to destinations in the east coast of United States...Read More

» Tampa Cargo and Pership

Tampa Cargo, a leading US Flag Carrier, based in Miami, appoints Pership Group as their Cargo GSA in the territory of Sri Lanka. Tampa Cargo operates to all main gateways in South America...Read More

» New Corporate Logo and Identity for Pership

The Pership way, "Infinite Possibilities" the dawn of the new century has seen unprecedented change in the world of technology and communications. Innovation and adaptability have become the watchwords of the new millennium. To succeed in today's rapidly changing marketplace, we have changed the way we do our business by using technology as our primary tool in providing solutions to our customers and business partners and joining the world of the e-revolution.

IATA -  General Sales and service agent Pership's new logo has been designed to reflect the changes made within the organisation and to meet with the challenges of the 21st century. we have moved from being one of Sri Lanka's leading transportation companies to becoming a diversified group of companies specialising in various business activities.

A little bit about our Logo / Identity
After many requests made from various associates within the group, it was decided to adapt a common brand and image keeping in mind our core business activity as well as our future diversification. After looking at over 23 designs and visuals, it was decided to go with the one chosen in the attachment for the following reasons.

  1. The Logo itself does not depict any specific business line.
  2. The prominent 'P' depicting the strength and long history behind both the Asha and Pership Group from it's origins of F X Pereira and Sons founded in 1889.
  3. The dynamic look of the future in it's design coupled with positioning the 'P' as the No.1 indicating market leadership in our core business area (transportation and allied solutions)
  4. The new Tag Line indicating "Infinite Possibilities" reflects the true nature of our future where the group is open to doing business in a number of diversified verticals.
  5. The dynamic colour of Red indicates fire and prosperity and the spirit of playing a game to win with strong moral and cooperate ethics depicted by the pureness of the white that surrounds the 'P' in the Logo
» Leisure and Activities at Pership

A Group of young motor enthusiast from Pership Group's Airline and Travel Sectors challenged by the "Speed to Market Concept" took to the roads when they actively participated in a Road Race Rally conducted by Etihad Airlines recently. The company sponsored the Pership associates involved who had a fun day out, participating in their speed games "Much like their hectic and fast pace business of Transportation". The picture shows, the participants of the Pership Team sporting their race car.

»Turkish Airlines rewards Pership Holidays

Turkish Airlines Inc. recently acknowledged and rewarded it's Sri Lankan
partner and GSA Pership Holidays Limited with a platinum award for
outstanding sales contribution, loyalty and GSA support solutions.

The award was presented by Mrs. Lale Kaplan Regional Director, Middle East and South Asia for Turkish Airlines to Mr. D A N Pereira, Managing Director, Pership Group and Mr. Susantha Peiris, CEO, Pership Group Airline Sector.

A spokesman for Turkish Airlines said "We very rarely recognize and reward a GSA in the form of what Pership has just received. We find Pership to be an outstanding partner that not only adds value to our system but also a partner that can be entrusted with any challenge put to them. It is our pleasure to present Pership with our Platinum award"

» The most Outstanding Young Persons of Sri Lanka, 2005

Pership Groups Managing Director Mr. D A N Pereira is awarded "The most Outstanding Young Person" of Sri Lanka for "Entrepreneurial Accomplishment" in 2005. The ceremony was held in Colombo on the 13th of November, and the presentation was made by the Junior Chamber International in partnership with the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank.

» Pership gives hope to Children in Sri Lanka

Pership group was involved in a project to save the hearts of 4 children from Sri Lanka who travel to Tel Aviv Israel for heart surgery. They travel on Sri Lankan Airlines and then on El Al Israel Airlines to Tel Aviv.

Pership Group as the GSA for El Al in Sri Lanka arranged all the travel facilities for 4 mothers and 3 infants and a child to travel to Israel.

The attached pictures show the Chairman of Pership Group handing over tickets to one of the mothers travelling to Israel.

» Celltel

Celltel Lanka, Sri Lanka's leading Cellular phone operator chooses Pership Group as it's preferred logistics partner to manage it's inventory and warehouse operations. Celltel, a subsidiary of Millicom, USA are the pioneers in terms of Cellular phone and network operations in Sri Lanka.

» Shell signs deal with Pership for Ground Distribution of LP Gas
Daily Mirror of 5th July, 2005

Shell Gas Lanka Limited (SGLL) signed an agreement with Pership Ground Distribution (part of the Pership Group) to carry out their bulk road transportation of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas).

The contract was signed by Mr. Hassan Madani, Managing Director / Country Chairman, Shell Sri Lanka and Mr. D A N Pereira Managing Director of the Pership Group at the Shell Sri Lanka Head Office, R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Hassan Madani said, "Shell Gas are extremely happy to have Messrs Pership as hauliers for our bulk products. Ensuring safety being the top priority in our business, we chose Pership for their excellent fleet management and safety record. We hope to create new records in our safety performance through this association". Confirmed Mr. D A N Pereira, "We are very pleased that Shell has chosen to partner Pership Ground Distribution to manage and deploy their ground distribution supply chain of LPG and has identified Pership as being a like-minded partner who understands and complies with Shell's global and local policies in terms of HSE and speed to market concepts".

The signing of the contract concludes the successful five-year relationship that Shell Gas Lanka had with Transmech Engineering (Pvt) Ltd., who managed the company's transport contract of bulk LPG. Pership Ground Distribution will now manage the Shell's fleet of 13 state-of-the-art LPG road tankers in carrying out the bulk road transportation of LPG throughout Sri Lanka. These tankers are manufactured and maintained to the highest road safety standards and will be driven by a team of well-trained and experienced drivers.

SGLL Operations Director A G Mylvaganam explaining the key role played by bulk road transporters of LPG in the Shell Gas operation concluded, "Pership"s excellent track record had been a key reason in our choice of bulk LPG road transporter, as their Health Safety and Environment (HSE) standards are in line with Shell"s own stringent HSE requirements. We also recognise the critical part a driver plays in maintaining the high road safety standards demanded by Shell. We take this opportunity to thank Transmec Engineering for facilitating the smooth transfer whilst maintaining high road safety standards".

» CIMA Pinnacle Awards
The Sunday Times April 3, 2005

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) picked on eleven teams from blue chip companies in Sri Lanka to participate in the Management Team of the Year for business excellence. Pership Group was picked as one of the eleven participants who had to compete for excellence at this year's competition.

» Nestle and Pership
Colombo Wednesday 16th February, 2005.

Nestle Lanka chooses Pership as its preferred partner to support their Logistics needs . Pership Group continues to hold its position as a market leader in terms of working with MNC's in Sri Lanka

» A helping hand from the Pership Family

The tragic event of December 26th 2004 (boxing day) that took the island nation of Sri Lanka by storm in the form of a Tsunami what has been described as one of the most devastating natural disasters witnessed in recent history has seen the irreplaceable loss of human life and destruction of large scale infra-structure in the South East coastal area of Sri Lanka. Pership Group was quick to act in terms of committing financial support by means of raising funds through all our associates who contributed two days salary towards Tsunami relief which was equally matched by Group funds as well as additional funding raised through our business partners and associates throughout the globe. Approximately, USD 80,000 now raised will be contributed towards rehabilitation and support services for those most affected by the Tsunami. Pership stands committed to extend the hand of tender loving care to all those affected...

» AeroSvit Airlines and Pership

Colombo 6th August 04, AeroSvit Airlines, the National Airline of Ukrain appoints Pership Air Limited (A Pership Group Company) as it's local GSA for Passenger and Cargo Sales in the territory of Sri Lanka.

Currently, AeroSvit Airlines operates 40 flights to 23 countries.

Pership Air together with AeroSvit Airlines will soon offer local customers in Sri Lanka an efficient service solution for Passenger Travel between Sri Lanka and the Ukrain as well as the Airlines' extended global network. For more information, please e.mail to with the subject of AeroSvit Airlines.

» SLPA signs Deal with YML

Here, SLPA Chairman Dileepa Wijesundera (left) exchanges the Terminal Service Agreement with YML Colombo Director, D A N Pereira Yang Ming Lines together with it's local partner Asha Shipping Limited (A Pership Company) recently signed a terminal service agreement with the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

YML have been one of the largest port users of the Colombo Port and have had a proven track record of offering competitive and strategic solutions for the movement of freight to and from Sri Lanka over the past 18 years together with its exclusive local sales and operation agent Asha Shipping Limited.

» ASL - ISO 9001:2000

Asha Shipping Limited (A Pership Group Company)the exclusive local agent for Yang Ming Lines of Taiwan is re-awarded with it's ISO 9001:2000 certification. The Company was originally certified in 1997 and has held the certification successfully since then.

» Pership Ground

Pership Ground is launched as yet another solution to the Group's transportation sector. Pership Ground Distribution and services cater to the need of the domestic haulage market. The services cover container trucking as well as conventional trucking of all types of product throughout the island. Our fleet of specialised vehicles have been equipped with state-of-the-art tracking facilities which include the standard VHF equipment on board all vehicles as well as GPRS equipment and RFID scanners for the more sophisticated distribution channels. Bonded vehicles and trailers and refrigerated vehicles is an additional solution provided by Pership Ground distribution.

Pership wins pioneering IATA recognitions
Financial Times December 21, 2003

Pership Group's Airline Division, has become the first ever Sri Lankan company to gain registration with the international Air Transport Association (IATA).

Pership Group's Airline Division, a key unit within the Group's transportation sector, has become the first ever Sri Lankan company to gain registration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a General Sales and Service Agency (GSSA).

IATA -  General Sales and service agentThe recognition is a real feather in the cap for Pership's Airline Division, as it has had to satisfy IATA's extremely stringent requirements across a range of business and financial criteria, the company said in a statement.Largely unsung, the Pership Group has a distinguished history spanning well over a 100 years of business operations, across a gamut of enterprises within the sectors of transport and trade locally and internationally.

In recent years, the company embarked on a wide range restructuring programme, which included the option of a new corporate identity and logo and a dynamic, clearly defined, target-oriented business plan. Pership has also built upon existing partnerships with it's principals to extend it's reach to overseas locations as well, offering total, one-stop shop solutions to a wider clientele.

Pership's Airline Division now represents 10 top International Airlines, which includes Cargo and Passenger representation.The company is also a peioneer member of FAGSA - the Federation of Airline General Sales Agents, which is the principal association of all Cargo GSAs worldwide.


» YML, Wanhai, Hapag joint service begins
Daily Mirror - June 29th 2004

Mv. Ming Victory the first vessel of this new service made her maiden voyage to Colombo Port. New service titled TMS Taiwan Middle East service -E/B Wanhai will engage two vessels (Elizabeth Rickmers and Cape Norreiga).YML will engage two vessels (Jin Yun He and Ming Victory) and Hapag Lloyd will engage one vessel (Dorian) for this new service which will be calling Port Jebel Ali, Colombo Port, Kelang, Singapore, Kaoushung.

IATA -  General Sales and service agent
On commencement of the maiden voyage, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) held the traditional plaque exchange ceremony on board to commemorate the event. Plaques were exchanged between the master of the vessel Capt. Tsao Shiou Shiah and U. Bopitiya, Chief Operations Manager, of the SLPA. Capt. T. Z. Bagus, Chief Security Manager, SLPA, Janesh Rathnadasa, General Manager, Asha Shipping Ltd A Pership Company (Local Agent), A, Vigneshwaran, Deputy Managing Director, Asha Shipping Ltd, Daya Wijesekera, Senior Assistant Secretary (Information), Ministry of Port Development and Shipping.

» China Airlines and Pership
Sunday Times January 04, 2004

China Airlines provides Cargo Solutions to Sri Lanka
China Airlines (CAL) celebrated four years of air cargo operations to Sri Lanka last month as an on-line cargo operator, the airline's local agent said.

The Airline began calling at Colombo in December 1999, making Sri Lanka one of it's Europe-bound cargo service destinations. The Airline initially established it's presence in 1998 in the field of air cargo transportation, with the appointment of Pership Air Ltd as it's GSA.

IATA -  General Sales and service agent Pership's Airline Division also received the General Sales Agency (GSA) for Passenger Services of China Airlines last November. Hitherto, CAL had maintained different representation for it's Cargo and Passenger Services in Sri Lanka.

In it's four-year operation through Colombo, China Airlines has moved over 8000 tons of Cargo, serving primary destinations in Europe, the USA and the Far East. The Airline has carried a wide variety of Sri Lankan produce to the world. Besides traditional exports such as garments, the Airline has carried other commodities such as livestock and ornamental fish.

"China Airlines is a key member within a portfolio of 10 airlines which Pership is proud to represent in Sri Lanka," says Susantha Peiris, General Manager of Pership's Airline Division. "In providing access to overseas markets via it's air cargo services, CAL plays an important contributory role towards the development of Sri Lanka's economy and also supports the development of the country's business and trade sectors," he added

» Pership and MTI Consultants

IATA -  General Sales and service agent

Pership & MTI came together to develop a strategic plan for the Group in October 2003, to rethink strategy and set our sights in developing a new vision with a view to providing end to end solutions to customers.

The strategy formulation would focus on the changing market conditions globally and customer centric service delivery.

It would also focus on developing its key resource, its staff, into a competitive advantage in its bid to surpass customer expectations.

We are currently finalizing the implementation process of the strategic plan.

» Contract Logistics

Pership Group ventures into the business of Contract Logistics with the opening of two custom built state-of-the-art distribution and warehouse solution centres. We now operate from both our own Distribution Solution Centres (DSC) as well as within our customers' facilities managing over 180,000 sq.ft.. Our solutions in the field of Contract Logistics cater to three major industry verticals comprising of Fashion, Pharmaceauticals and FMCG. Each vertical consists of Managers with industry specific knowledge to ensure our customer needs are fulfilled.

Additional Services

• Order picking by pallet, master carton, inner carton or piece and Internet order fulfilment for home delivery.

. Other support services include mail order packing, pre-retail product processing to client's and/or retailer's specification such as re-packing to reduced quantities, labelling and tagging, re-labelling, re-assortments, promotional packs, promotional labelling and component assembly.

. Quality assurance inspection, product testing and returns processing is undertaken.

. Sales order processing, invoicing and sales accounting services are also provided.

» Shipping Corporation of India (SCI)

The SCI in recognition of outstanding services and being their longest serving agent / business partner bestowed upon us the honour of co-branding a 2868 TEU container vessel 'MV SCI - Asha' which is now deployed on their European service. This co-branding between principal and agent is the first occassion in the history of the SCI. Over the years, SCI has emerged as a truly significant player in the global shipping arena. SCI has augmented its value through strategic tie-ups, fleet expansion and establishing world class standards in safety and technology, en route, building a reservoir of high quality manpower. SCI is now seen cruising confidently ahead, registering growth across all important parameters, and enhancing the intrinsic value of the organization - thus enabling customers to be serviced with discerning value and personalised service par excellence. THE SHIPPING CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED MUMBAI


» Airline News @ Pership

Pership Group's Airline Division continues to expand it's business portfolio and regional reach.

• AeroSvit Airlines
• Lot Polish Airlines Cargo
• Myanmar International Airways
• Edelweiss Air

With these new appointments where Pership acts as GSA, the total portfolio of GSA representation for Pership stands at 10 International Airlines. The Airline Division has expanded it's regional reach to cover the territories and offer one stop shop solutions in Bangladesh, Maldives and Israel. New locations are constantly being evaluated for market potential. What is unique about Pership's Airline Division is that it does not just merely act as a GSA but has evolved to becoming an end to end solution provider for the Air Transportation Industry..

» Turkish Airlines and Pership
Colombo, Monday 7th February 2005.

A winning performance in Cargo Sales activities has led to Pership's relationship with it's business partner and principal Turkish Airlines awarding Pership the rights of sale to act as their GSA for Passenger Sales in the territory of Sri Lanka. Pership now will be responsible for the control and development of both Passenger and Cargo sales for Turkish Airlines. This is a red letter day in our partnership with Turkish Airlines said, a spokesman from Pership Group's Airline Division

» Pership Group Welcomes Turkish Airlines to Sri Lanka on the occasion of the visit of the honourable Prime Minister of Turkey to Colombo Sri Lanka on Thursday 10th February, 2005.

IATA -  General Sales and service agent

Colombo, Wednesday 16th February 2005

IATA -  General Sales and service agent

Varig the National Airline of Brazil appoints Pership Air Limited (A Pership Group Company) has its accredited General Sales Agent for Passenger Sales in the territory of Sri Lanka..

» Pership X' Mas Bash - Caribbean Fiesta Caribbean
Caribbean Fiesta 2nd December 2006 @ Mount Lavinia Hotel

Pership X' Mas Bash IATA -  General Sales and service agent
» PERSHIP RECEIVES "Award of Recognition" from DIALOG

Pership Synergy was rewarded for their work in distribution by receiving an "Award of Recognition" at the Dialog Global Distributor Event held at the Ceylon Continental Hotel. Pership Synergy received a certificate and trophy in recognition of their performance in the distribution of Global cards

The Global cards distribution project was awarded to Pership Synergy on 1 October 2005 and covered the areas of Colombo 1 to 7. Based on an effective strategy of distributing to institutional customers, Pership Synergy were able to sell Rs 5.5million worth of cards. The cards were sold through a number of outlets including communication centres and corporate clients such as Apollo Hospital, Durdans Hospital, Readywear Industries
and No Limit.

The effective distribution of Global cards and the resulting improvement in sales within a short period of time were recognized as a truly outstanding performance by Pership Synergy.