From left to right;
  • Jehan Edwards (Deputy Chairman)
  • Manik Pereira (Chairman, Consul General for Ireland & Justice of Peace)
  • Nirmalee Pereira (Co-chairperson)
  • Rohan Fernando (Group Director)
  • Pership Holding Senior Management

    Featured from left to right;
  • Prasanna Karunatilake (Executive Vice President)
  • Tiran De Sampayo (Vice President)
  • Dinithi Somaratne (Group Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Janesh Ratnadasa (Executive Vice President)

  • Julani Katupitiya (Group Chief Financial Officer)
  • Sean Silva (Executive Vice President)
  • Amanda Vanderwall (GM Corporate HR)
  • Our Philosophy

    We believe there is good in everything and everyone. That is why when we set out to partner our customers, suppliers and the various communities, we strive to make the world a better place by innovating, sharing our knowledge and conducting ourselves with utmost integrity.

    Our Values


    From the lowest ranking associate to the Chairman of Pership, takes immense pride in being able to without exception to conduct ourselves and our businesses with the highest level of integrity.

    Mutual respect

    We are a group of diverse individuals working bonded together by mutual respect we have for each other and for our stakeholder.


    The broader scope of fair trading including sustainability are key principles of our corporate existence.


    The innovative spirit and bold moves are an integral part of the Pereira DNA that is inculcated in all of from a very young age at Pership.