Pership EAL contemporary container homes for any terrain and any lifestyle

20 April 2017

Pership EAL is a unique concept of converting shipping containers into contemporary living spaces (living and commercial buildings) and the ideal solution in achieving the desired level of creativity whilst caring for the environment and wallet. 

Building a home or a commercial building or a simple extension to an existing structure can mean that you will not have time for anything else. Supervising the quality of materials used, the quantum of materials purchased, obtaining regulatory approvals, quality of workmanship, duration taken to complete job, etc. all can turn out to be quite a nightmare. Pership Exotic Asian Living (PershipEAL) believes in transparency and immaculate workmanship. “For us it’s not just a business, it’s an art and a craft where our creativity meets with your aspirations and our work ethics exceed your expectations,” Pership EAL Marketing Manager Tehani Wijesena said.  

Exotic Asian Living (EAL) is a subsidiary of the Pership group with a heritage of 130 years in maritime, aviation and logistics industries. The result of great leadership that spearheaded the businesses with integrity, ethical principles and a human touch. 

Product portfolio includes Houses, Offices, Pop Up Shops and Restaurants, Villas and Holiday Bungalows , Buildings and Apartments, Pools, Security Cabins, Chalets and Units with Hydraulic Systems and Retractable Canopies. PershipEAL has completed over 100 projects so far powered by an experienced team of architects, engineers, technicians and sales and marketing personnel from its state of the art container conversion facility in Kelaniya, utilising the highest quality building material and technology. 

Wijesena said shipping containers have the strongest structure compared to wood, concrete or normal steel buildings because they are made out of weathering steel ‘Corten’ and has a lifespan of over 25 years in the rough weather conditions during sea transportation. This lifespan is further increased when containers are used for housing construction where the environment is much milder than at sea or is static or is refurbished.

Shipping containers are self-supporting with beams and stout with marine-grade plywood flooring already in place. Since shipping/cargo containers are made from steel, they are non-combustible. Shipping containers are better at resisting wind, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. The steel used to build modern shipping containers is a corrosive resistant high-strength, low-alloy steel that is again protected with marine paint.

When building with shipping containers we do not require wood, therefore we can save a lot of trees, so we encourage you to continue with this eco-friendly trend into energy saving lighting, recycling methods for waste and water, etc.

PershipEAL container home comes with a 12-month warranty covering manufacturer’s defects free of charge. Beyond that, a long-term maintenance agreement is available to ensure your home stays looking new.

Pership EAL team of architects will cater to aspirations from every angle, be it a rustic earthy look or a plush elegant feel, or a contemporary pad for a millennial couple or a ‘home sweet home’, we are geared to give life to your ideas, add in international design touches, adopt cost saving methods, use environmentally friendly material coupled with maximum security and comfort.   “With container homes you need only an area of 160 sq.ft. at a minimum for a 20ft container or for a 40ft. container an area of 320 sq.ft. whether this space is on a steep slope in a mountainous terrain or it’s the rooftop of an existing building like a garage, we are capable of making the best use of your space,” Wijesena. “Nothing is impossible for us, we love a good challenge,” she added.

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